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Public Sector

Innovative Medical Devices works with and serves all of the approximately 120 Hospitals in Greece, as well as the Hospitals of the Armed Forces. Through its sales force network, EYELENS Innovative Medical Devices is in almost daily contact with its customers, knows their needs and always tries to deliver its services in the most efficient manner.

EYELENS Innovative Medical Devices possesses a special department that has the know-how and experience in participating in Public Sector procurement processes. The department participates in public tenders, makes offers for items not included in contracts, manages contracts and is responsible for contacting the procurement offices of all Public Hospitals nationwide.

Private Sector

EYELENS Innovative Medical Devices has longstanding partnerships with the largest healthcare units,and clinics in the private sector. The company also serves private practitioners.

Private sector clients, a private agency or private practitioner may receive direct service upon contacting the company’s department that is responsible for making offers. Upon receiving an order, the competent departments of the company work together in order to process it, so that the product reaching the end user fully satisfies all client requirements.

Contact our department responsible for making offers directly or send a request in writing by filling in the communication form. It will be our pleasure to serve you promptly.